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At Upscale Interior Coatings, we have worked in the construction industry for the past 12 years. We have been employed by the Ferguson Corporation in Canada as well as Barratts Homes and Linden Homes in the U.K. We have also worked as anti-slip epoxy installers for Brilliant Stage which provided the tour stages for Robbie Williams and The Spice Girls.

We are passionate about our work and really believe in the power of epoxy resin to transform walls, flows and furniture. We love helping our customers renovate their spaces making them more durable, beautiful and luxurious. So, if you are looking for an epoxy resin flooring installer in Doncaster and the UK, get in touch with us at Upscale Interior Coatings so we can help you to bring your vision of luxury to life.

Our Mission

It is our aim for our decorative epoxy coatings to provide homeowners, property developers and businesses with a luxury and protective flooring system that will increase the value of their property. Our strategy is centred on appealing to our clients' needs by creating bespoke experiences that are in line with their desired needs. Our aim is to elevate your space by making the change from the traditional laminated, carpet or vinyl flooring.

If you want to elevate your space then get in touch with us and find out what an epoxy resin floor installer in Doncaster and the UK can do for your space.

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At Upscale Interior Coatings, we pride ourselves on using the best quality materials in bringing your vision to life. We source and build relationships with trusted manufacturers in the industry and endeavour to deliver an exceptional quality of product and service to your front door. Because we trust in the quality and value of our work, all our finishing come with a standard up to 15 year guarantee with proper care.




Integrity is a key part of our business model as we understand the importance of honesty, transparency and dignity when it comes to shaping the spaces people dwell in. For this reason, we have embedded a customer first strategy. Stepping into the shoes of our customers allows us to connect with them on a personable level and collaboratively work to bring their vision to life.




We are highly innovative and think about the future of interior designing, hence why we use the latest techniques and technology for our end to end process. From the surveying of the desired area, renovations and installation we bring a new perspective as well as an enhanced quality of delivery to guarantee finesse and total satisfaction.





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